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Powerful internet of everything solutions faster and for less cost than you ever thought possible.

An Ultra-Modern Platform

Our Unfair Advantage

GO Factory has developed an ultra-modern platform: built from the ground up on a unique messaging architecture, designed and optimized for the challenges of a mobile world, ready to connect everything seamlessly. Go Factory is ready to help you change the world. 

Our platform is our unfair advantage; its lightweight services, powerful message queues, and ability to integrate apps and back end systems provide a rock solid foundation for modern solutions. Our unique, cloud-based ServiceQs™ provide plug & play application service modules that already know how to connect to each other and all of your endpoints. With them we can quickly build incredibly sophisticated group mobility and “internet of everything” solutions.

With our robust mobile and cloud platform, and decades of expertise, we help enterprises and businesses create secure, high-performance, real-time mobile solutions faster than ever before.

  • Connect

    Our mobile solutions connect people, systems, sensors, and devices. The Internet of Everything is disrupting industries and transforming the way businesses interact with customers. Go Factory can help you stay on the cutting edge.

  • Sync

    Building connected solutions demands that everything stays current all the time, every time, in real time. Built from the ground up to power connected, mobile solutions, our technology platform is our unfair advantage. All of our solutions inherit a robust telco-grade architecture that never skips a beat.

  • Collaborate

    Our solutions leverage a platform with rich, server-side collaboration features built right in. Real-time messaging, geolocation, data exchange, database updating, image sharing, file sharing, push notification, and many more features plug and play into business solutions for rapid, reliable development.

Learn more about the inner workings of our platform on the Technology page.

Is Your Workforce Connected? Let's talk about breaking out of those silos and really taking advantage of mobility & real-time data in the field.

 Industrial Solutions 

From transportation solutions to utility outage management to plant turnarounds, Go Factory is the right choice for solutions that turn Big Data into Actionable Intelligence.

Ideal use cases are dynamic & complex:

  • Device & Group Management

    Dynamic on boarding allows Go Factory solutions to discover, manage, and connect variable-sized, ad hoc groups of people and things into private, secure channels. Uniquely, our solutions also make simple sensors and legacy device infrastructure “smart” peers in the channel, making them part of modern, disruptive operational solutions.

  • Mobility & Security

    Built from the ground up for mobility and security, our solutions feature robust compliance & audit functions, multi-layered security, and robust, cross-platform mobile networking.

  • Real-Time Situational Awareness

    Our soft real-time platform connects ad hoc, remote data sources, back end systems, people, and devices, providing an always-connected, always up-to-date picture of your business and its environment.

  • Communication & Control

    Big Data systems give you insight, but Go Factory translates that insight into action. When everything is connected, people and systems form control loops, where every action generates new data, new insights, and in turn, new action.

Real World Applications

Connected Cities

The future of urban living and the connected experience.

In 2008, the world reached an invisible but momentous milestone: For the first time in history, more than half its human population, 3.3 billion people, lived in urban areas. By 2030, this is expected to swell to more than five billion. Urbanisation has already surpassed the 90-per-cent mark, not only in city states like Singapore and Kuwait, but also in Belgium, Venezuela, Uruguay, Argentina, Israel and the UK. In the US, where for the past 100 years the majority of people have been living in cities, more than 82 per cent of the total population now reside in urban areas.

As cities become more dense, issues of sustainability, management and livability become paramount. 2014 is witnessing the birth of the connected city, an urban infrastructure that allows machines and humans to connect with each other in seamless, ad hoc and ephemeral relationships. Trash bins that ask to be emptied, adaptive street lights that can be optimized dynamically, available parking and electric vehicle charging stations that tell you where they are, and traffic through a city optimized to avoid congested areas; the applications are endless.

The Go Factory platform is a driving force in connecting the cities of tomorrow today, with a pilot project starting in the UK in July in partnership with Townlab.

Connected Fleets

Solving the Last Mile Problem

With 1.2 million trucking companies operating 15.5 million trucks in the United States, trucking is basically the country’s commercial circulatory system.

Yet as anyone who’s ever had anything delivered knows, whether you’re a consumer, a store owner, or a warehouse manager, the exact time a truck will arrive at your door is anyone’s guess. Well, not any more.

We’ll connect operations, dispatchers, drivers, and customers in a private, real-time location-aware network using smart devices and industrial-strength location management units. See where every truck in your fleet is, in real time. Give your customers an app that gives them real-time ETA to their dock or doorstep. Keep drivers up-to-date on schedule changes, customer readiness, and more.

Driving blind is no longer an option. With Go Factory, it’s history.

Plant Turnarounds

Workforce Management Solution

Plant turnarounds involve hundreds of contract workers conducting maintenance, inspection, repair, and construction across the entire plant. Managing their work and keeping them on task is a herculean undertaking.

Go Factory provides the foundation for a workforce management solution that can help track and manage workers and equipment, keeping everyone and everything connected and collaborating.

Integrate with Primavera or other project management software and get updated status in real time. Deliver work orders to remote workers, troubleshoot using image markup and messaging, and more.

Crisis Management

Robust Communication for Situation Management

With their inherent ability to create and manage ad hoc mobile networks of people and things, Go Factory-built disaster management and utility or facility outage/crisis management solutions are ideal.

Go Factory solutions can be run from the cloud or in an appliance-like configuration for rapid local deployment in crisis and disaster situations.

 Enterprise Solutions 

Modern business is mobile. It’s collaborative. It’s visual. And it runs in real time. Go Factory solves modern enterprise communication and collaboration problems with mobile apps and secure, private messaging systems that keep you on the cutting edge.

Go Factory helps businesses connect, communicate, and collaborate. Anywhere.

  • Dynamic Groups

    Many, variable sized groups of people and things. Go Machine’s dynamic on boarding means Go Factory solutions easily discover, manage, and connect groups into private, secure channels.

  • Mobility & Security

    Built from the ground up for mobility and security, our solutions feature truly private, small or large group messaging channels, robust compliance & audit functions, multi-layered security, and cross-platform mobile networking.

  • Geolocation

    From workforce management to productivity apps, geolocation, geofencing, and location-aware task management is becoming an essential part of enterprise solutions, and a critical part of compliance and auditing. It’s at the core of every Go Factory solution.

  • Collaboration

    Today’s enterprises are empowering their employees to work when and where they are most productive. That means a mobile enterprise that helps workers collaborate whether they are meeting in person, from a world away, in real-time, or over time.

Real World Applications

Secure Messaging

Private, Ad-Hoc Corporate Communication

It’s more important then ever to secure corporate communications. Trade secrets, financial data, and other confidential information is more likely than ever to be communicated over mobile channels. At the same time, everyone in your company wants to use the phone they’re most comfortable with. Bring-your-own-device trends can save money, make people more productive, and help keep your company’s finger on the pulse of consumer trends. But the whole “consumerization of the enterprise” can wreak havoc on corporate security policies. You may have deployed a solution you thought was workable, only to find that your employees find it so intrusive and annoying that they simply use their personal devices or apps to conduct business.

Go Factory brings order to the chaos with a highly secure, private messaging solution that is just as easy and natural to use as the messaging apps your team uses every day. They can connect and message with anyone in the company, in small groups or large, without jumping through hoops. And your IT department can manage their devices and permissions without complex and costly on-boarding procedures.

Team Collaboration

Productivity at Conferences, Events, and More

Conferences, trade shows, and events are a part of corporate life. Whether your company is exhibiting or you’re just sending a team to check out the latest trends, meet potential customers, and learn something, these trips are time consuming and expensive. Is your company getting the biggest bang for its buck? Is your entire enterprise benefiting from the experience of those who attend the conference?

Go Factory has a full-featured solution to help teams make the most of their time at the conference. It helps them capture what they learn in seminars, see on the show floor, and hear from colleagues. It helps them work as a team, exchange notes and ideas, and coordinate their activities. It helps them meet up before, during, and after events and connect with clients and colleagues to socialize and share ideas at the end of the day. Most importantly, it collects everything and makes it easy to publish everything in a report that can be easily shared with the right folks back at the office – or even your customers – so their time and your money are well spent.

 Consumer Solutions 

The Internet of Everything is changing the way businesses engage consumers across every industry. But how can you extract opportunity from the noise of billions of connected devices? Go Factory has the solution.

Go Factory connects, manages, and structures groups of people and things and the data they generate.

  • Dynamic Groups

    Many, variable sized groups of people and things. Dynamic on boarding means Go Factory mobile solutions easily discover, manage, and connect groups into private, secure channels.

  • Geolocation

    We consider geolocation a core feature. Every solution can use location, location-aware events, geofences, and more to deliver the right experience to the right customer at the right time, without compromising core privacy protections.

  • Connected Wearables & Sensors

    Go Factory connects wearables and other sensors to your apps to create engaging features and data streams that create new ways to interact with and serve your customers.

  • Communication & Messaging

    All Go Factory solutions are rooted in our messaging architecture and provide rich communication channels for great consumer experiences. Chat, pictures, video, audio, and more are part of the experience.

Real World Applications

Micro-Social Marketing

Short or Long-Term Communication & Engagement

Go Factory creates apps that bring people together to share an experience. Building on our own Go-Matic micro-social app, we create engaging marketing, promotional, and event apps that connect companies and their customers in unique, memorable ways. Location-based adventures like scavenger hunts or pub crawls, sponsored tours, crowd-sourced media at events, rich media messaging, post-event micro-publishing, and a host of other capabilities create an unmatched brand experience.

Parent & Caregiver Aid

Tracking & Communication for children & loved ones

In a world of smartphones and low-cost sensors, creating a safe and secure environment for our families is more affordable and realistic than ever. One example: caring for an elderly parent. Go Factory’s unique solution ensures that you know not only where your parent is at all times, but who is responsible and available for their care at any given moment, and where they are in relation to each other. Location-based alerts and tasks, real-time status updates, and always-connected communication channels give you peace of mind.

Resort & Travel

Experience Management & Engagement

Making sure visitors have a great time is the goal of every resort, theme park, and destination travel site in the world. Using Go Factory solutions, your guests’ wishes are fulfilled like never before. Sensors and smartphones, integrated with back end operational and promotional systems, enable crowd management, on-site transportation management, workforce management, revenue optimization, and more.  Go Factory can help you make dreams come true for your guests.

Is Your Workforce Connected? Let's talk about breaking out of those silos and really taking advantage of mobility & real-time data in the field.