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The Connected Workforce

GO Factory harnesses the Internet of Things in a revolutionary Connected Workforce solution that enables people, machines, sensors, and systems to discover each other, collaborate, and work together. We deliver an unprecedented level of real-time intelligence and performance, ensuring that the right person or thing is performing the right task, at the right location, with the right assets, with direct input from smart devices and connected sensors.

Our unique ability to connect a wide variety of network-attached sensors and endpoints make our Connected Workforce suitable for field service personnel in industries as diverse as Utilities, Construction Management, Logistics, Traffic Management, Home Healthcare, and Oil & Gas.

  • People, Things & Sensors

    With the Go Factory Connected Workforce, non-human “things” such as network-attached machines, devices, and even vehicles are transformed into Smart Agents in the cloud that can collaborate and communicate with each other and their human counterparts in real time.

  • Fleets

    Provides real-time tracking of vehicles and J1939/1708 engine data using fleet telematics devices such as Morey Hawk MC-3, CalAmp LMU or low-cost OBD2 devices. Mobile apps provide intelligent collaboration and insight between central operations, vehicles, assets, and your mobile workforce.

  • Assets

    Asset Sentinel keeps track of your valuable assets by establishing and monitoring a chain of custody in real time. Get all the details — including who, what, where, and when — every time an asset changes hands, even if the asset is entrusted to something that doesn’t have hands!  Smart Agents in the Connected Workforce automatically execute rules and actions based on the state of network-attached machines, devices, or sensors. When a condition occurs, the agent assesses the situation in real time.


Our platform is our unfair advantage; its lightweight services, powerful message queues, and ability to integrate apps and back end systems provide a rock solid foundation for modern solutions, and our Connected Workforce solutions are quickly integrated into your existing systems and workflows.

Learn more about the inner workings of our platform on the Technology page.

Is Your Workforce Connected? Let's talk about breaking out of those silos and really taking advantage of mobility & real-time data in the field.


Delivering on the promise of the Internet of Things

  • Asset Sentinel™

    Delivers real-time asset awareness, management, and chain of custody, providing the simplest and most accurate way to discover and manage all of your assets using standard barcodes, NFC tags, or low-cost, weatherproof, readily-available, Bluetooth Smart (BLE) Beacons.

  • Automatic Dispatch

    Automatic notification and intelligent dispatch of technicians based on critical asset failures leading to improved response time and service levels. Our Smart Agents call for help directly to any nearby field service worker with the necessary skills, certifications, and parts in their possession via a push notification or text. If the worker accepts the job, the Smart Agent generates a detailed set of instructions based on the situation as location-aware tasks that is then added to the field worker’s job queue.

  • Fleet Intelligence

    Fleet Intelligence and compliance ensuring proper and efficient operation of vehicles by drivers with appropriate certifications and training.

  • Integration

    Seamless integration into Identity Management and HR systems for secure role identification and skills verification. Easy integration to existing ERP, CRM, and other backend systems leveraging existing IT investments, lowering integration costs, and reducing implementation risk.

  • Smart Agents

    Smart Agents allow network-attached machines, devices, or sensors to act as intelligent peers in the Connected Workforce. Smart Agents are cloud-resident proxies for the network-attached “things” that can collaborate and communicate with each other and their human counterparts, in real time.

  • Location-Based Workflows

    Location-based workflows based on custom-defined rules leading to improved predictability and efficiency of critical task completion. Smart Agents find the nearest qualified field service worker and generate a set of location- and time-aware tasks to help resolve the situation.

  • Logic in the Cloud

    Go Factory’s unique “logic in the cloud” design means computationally complex operations can be executed in the cloud. This allows mobile and remote, embedded devices to perform compute-intense operations with lower power requirements and significantly faster execution.

  • Inherently Mobile

    Mobile application provides intelligent collaboration and insight between central operations, vehicles, assets, and your mobile workforce with real-time indoor/outdoor location tracking of vehicles, assets, and people. Tested and certified with off-the-shelf mobile devices and sensors, providing industrially rugged hardware options at consumer prices.

 Use Cases 

Field Service & Mobile Workforce

The Connected Workforce mobile application provides intelligent collaboration and insight between central operations, vehicles, devices, sensors, and your mobile workforce.

Location-based workflows based on custom-defined rules and real-time intelligence lead to improved efficiency and service reliability. Mobile workers are automatically dispatched to the most urgent job with the information, assets, and support required to resolve the situation.

Utilities and Oil & Gas

Deploying a Smart Agent on a low-cost weatherproofed Android tablet securely mounted at a remote utility substation enables real-time insight into environmental conditions and performance of remote assets, automatically alerting the nearest field personnel of any critical conditions.

Construction, Transportation & Logistics

Cloud-connecting light, medium, and heavy-duty vehicles and their operators provides real-time intelligence and ensures efficient and compliant vehicle operations.  Real-time asset location and condition monitoring via electronic tethering to the driver and/or vehicle ensures the vehicles and assets are at the right job site performing the required tasks.

Is Your Workforce Connected? Let's talk about breaking out of those silos and really taking advantage of mobility & real-time data in the field.